Episode 05: What Frontline PAs Can Teach Us About Resilience

It’s no secret frontline workers had it rough in recent months.

They put their wellbeing on the line for ours.

But how do they deal with the strain of such a demanding job?

It’s a problem that vexed Heather Isola, Director of Physician Assistant Services at Mount Sinai Health System, in the early days of the pandemic — but ultimately, it boiled down to one thing: building resiliency. 

In the latest Heroes of Healthcare, Heather and I discuss resilience and how to build it in your healthcare teams.

Heather explains:

  • The situation facing PAs at the outset of COVID-19
  • Why traditional approaches to mental wellness weren’t cutting it
  • How Mt. Sinai ultimately decided to tackle mental health through building resilience

For more information on Mt. Sinai’s Center for Stress, Resilience, and Personal Growth, send an email to MS-CSRPG@mountsinai.org

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