Episode 42: Creating Stronger Communities with Quality Health Services w/ Dr. Tollie Elliot Sr

Good health is becoming more complex in today’s world and patients are looking for doctors who can treat more than just the immediate ailments they’re experiencing.

In the latest Heroes of Healthcare, Dr. Tollie B. Elliott Sr., Chief Executive Officer of Mary’s Center, joined to discuss his pivot from school teacher to physician and the dynamics that come into play when delivering passionate care to marginalized communities.

One of the standouts of the conversation was our discussion on how to treat individual “participants” (as Mary’s Center calls their patients) through whole-life health.

Why participants?

Because at Mary’s Center, healthcare isn’t something that is done to you; it’s a collaboration between you and your healthcare team — and the goal is to improve your whole health, not just your immediate symptoms.

What does that look like?

Well, whole-life health is the understanding that being healthy is more than just being free from an immediate ailment.

That’s why, at Mary’s Center, they look holistically at the economic and social components to health in addition to the medical ones — which often can be traced to socio-economic issues, anyway.

It may be more complex, but looking at every facet of health allows Mary’s Center to move beyond the treatment of symptoms to collaborate with their “participants” and help get them to a place of overall health.

To learn more about Mary’s Center’s approach to whole-life health, check out the full episode below.

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