Episode 25: Mental Health in Healthcare: Burnout, Anxiety, Depression & Suicide

Because they are worried about the stigma associated with seeking help, health care professionals with mental health issues often refuse to seek treatment.

The concern isn’t without merit. Certain states have wording in their license applications that allow them to discriminate against individuals who access mental health resources.

Needless to say, leaving mental health issues untreated can be very dangerous, which is why there needs to be a cultural shift around how we view mental health in healthcare.

Our first returning guest, Dr. Kellie Stecher , OB/GYN and Chief Medical Officer at Linked Inclusion, joins the show to share news from the frontlines of her continuing fight to bring awareness to this vitally important cause. Hear from Dr. Stecher about her new book, Delivering, and how she is creating a movement around Physician Mental Health issues one bite at a time.

Topics covered:

  • Policy updates around mental health and physician licensing
  • COVID from the perspective of the OB/GYN community
  • Why Dr. Stecher decided to write her book titled, Delivering
  • How, as CMO, Linked Inclusion is working to fix healthcare

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