Episode 27: How ParentMD Makes It Easier for Parents to Find Healthcare Information

Over the pandemic year, parents especially have had their hands full.

With a complete shift to online school, caretaking around the clock has dominated daily life for most.

Dr. Josh Honaker, CEO & Founder of ParentMD & Honaker Health wants to make it easier for parents.

Leveraging his pediatric expertise, Dr. Honaker created ParentMD, a site designed to provide accessible, professional pediatric advice to time-constrained parents.

On this episode of Heroes in Healthcare, Dr. Honaker joins us to talk about his journey from practitioner to medical entrepreneurship and how he’s partnering with parents to transform the telehealth industry.

You’ll learn about…

  • Patient-centric servicing
  • The types of pediatricians John hires
  • The future of ParentMD

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