Episode 28: An Open Empathetic Approach to Managing Mental Fatigue in Healthcare

Dr. Hany Y. Atallah, Chief Medical Officer at Jackson Memorial Hospital, never wanted to go into administration. The last thing he wanted to do was wear a suit every day.

But over time, he recognized the transformational power of being in a position to identify a problem and to bring together the people who can fix it.

In his administrative career, he has confronted many problems from massive water leaks inside Grady Hospital that shut down a third of inpatient beds to COVID and the mental fatigue that accompanied civil unrest.

Through it all, he has kept one priority in focus: Providing exceptional patient care.

We discuss:

  • Making operational adjustments during an internal flood at Grady Hospital
  • How leadership at his hospital managed rising mental fatigue
  • Transitioning from departmental head to a healthcare system head at Jackson Memorial
  • Inherent frustrations that come with healthcare administration

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