Episode 31: Public Health Initiatives from the White House w/ Dr. Sandra Ford

The big challenge in public health is finding a way to connect all the disparate services and resources scattered throughout the country to the people who need them most.

The best tool in that fight is data.

That’s why unifying data sources is the main focus of Dr. Sandra Ford, the Special Assistant to the President for Public Health and Science at The White House.

In this episode, she talks about the inherent challenges in public health and some of the strategies her team is using to tie everything together.

We discuss:

  • Dr. Ford’s path to the special assistant role at The White House
  • The vision and mission of the role
  • Why connecting data across services is the key to solving public health issues
  • The process of building platforms, procedures, and policies
  • Why local community support is the best tool to overcome vaccine hesitancy

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