Episode 40: Shift Your Paradigm to Achieve Physician Retention w/ Tammy Hager

Physician retention is quickly becoming the newest facet to join the crisis of healthcare in America.

From doctors choosing a career path at a young age only to find out it wasn’t the right path for them to physician burnout all across the nation in the aftermath of covid, turnover among physicians and medical staff is a growing problem.

Enter Tammy Hager, Executive Director of Physician Recruitment and Privileging at Surgical Affiliates Management Group, Inc., whose organization boasts a 96% retention rate – well above the national average. How do they do it? Is it inflated salaries, cushy retirement packages, or state of the art data collection? Turns out, the real answer might be in relationships and in listening to medicinal professionals about what they want.

Join us as we discuss:

  • What questions to ask medical staff to keep them on board
  • Finding balance in work/life
  • How the big organizations are following suit

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