Episode 50: Shutting the Door on Cancer Cells

Concarlo Therapeutics is developing a drug that could transform the way we treat cancer. In this episode, Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer, and acting CEO of Concarlo Therapeutics, Dr. Stacy Blain,shares her journey of researching, testing and securing funding for a drug that kills off cancer cells.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Clinical grade manufacturing processes
  • FDA regulations and clinical trials
  • Cancer cell proliferation and necrosis

Episode 49: 2022 Retrospective: What We’ve Learned about Healthcare

In the past fifty episodes, we’ve spoken with heroes of healthcare from White House public health experts to the makers of Covid-19 tests. Now, co-hosts Ted Weyn and Olivia D’Angelo reflect on their favorite lessons from the past year’s episodes and share a glimpse into what they have planned for the future. Join us as we discuss:

  • Workforce shortages and technological limitations
  • Supply and demand issues in patient care
  • Innovative healthcare research, testing and technology

Episode 48: Cutting Out Redundancies in Healthcare

To better meet the needs of patients, healthcare systems are embracing new technologies that allow for most non-emergency visits to be performed remotely.

In this episode, VP and Chief Quality Innovation Officer of the Heart & Vascular Institute at Hartford HealthCare, Howard L. Haronian shares his perspective on how new innovations allow for more equitable communication with insurance companies and more efficient patient-data usage. Join us as we discuss:

– Preventing physician overload and burnout
– Aligning incentives for insurance companies and patients
– Increasing the value of care through data collection

Episode 47: The Recruitment Side of Healthcare

 SSM Health is one of the largest health systems in the midwest. As a faith-based, not-for-profit hospital network, their mission is to treat and heal their friends and family in the communities they serve.

In the episode, Physician and Provider Recruiter for SSM Health, Jason Nelson shares an inside glimpse into the experiences of physicians and advanced practitioners working for SSM. Listen as we discuss:

– Rumors of physician shortages

– Maintaining work-life balance for their staff

– Effective methods for collecting and processing patient feedback

Episode 46: The Hidden Manufacturers of COVID-19 Tests

Capillary flow membranes are the base for both Covid and pregnancy tests. Once sprayed with a protein solution, they act as a key indicator by changing colors when in contact with the right compounds.

In this episode, head of product management for diagnostic manufacturing materials at MilliporeSigma, Shawn Gaskell explains the creation processes for these tests, their evolution during the pandemic, and how they might revolutionize medicine in the near future.

Join us as we discuss:

– The deployment of rapid Covid-19 tests

– The expansion of telehealth technologies

– How Technology will help alleviate the doctor-shortage

Episode 45: What Are Locum Tenens and Why We Need Them In Healthcare

In every profession, there are systems in place to cover for when someone can’t show up for work. In education we have substitute teachers but in healthcare, we have Locum Tenens.

In today’s episode, our hosts Ted Weyn and Olivia Reed, come together to share how the physicians and doctors come to work in Locum Tenens, the inspiration for the Heroes of Healthcare podcast, and the work that Jackson & Coker is doing to lobby for legislation that supports this needed career path.

Join us as we discuss:

Legislation that impacts locum tenen physicians

Why hospitals and health centers need locum tenens

Career paths for doctors who want more flexibility and independence

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Episode 37: Making a Broad Impact Through Population Health

Episode 37: Making a Broad Impact Through Population Health

To solve some of the thornier problems in healthcare—challenges like providing access, combating misinformation, and ensuring equitable outcomes—we need data.

That’s where population health comes into play. It’s a science that combines clinical care with data to improve the care of large swaths of people all at once.

Dr. Chirag Patel, Vice President Population Health at Centene, joins the show to explain the impact population health is having on a variety of areas. Plus, we chat about other hot topics in healthcare.

We discuss:

  • The practice and impact of population health
  • Making a difference in women’s health and medicaid
  • The challenge of labor shortages and access to healthcare
  • How individuals can make an impact in healthcare

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Episode 13: COVID-19’s Impact on Under-Resourced Communities

Episode 13: COVID-19's Impact on Under-Resourced Communities

Bridging healthcare gaps in underserved communities comes with unique challenges, including socio-economic misalignment. In today’s episode, Rashard Johnson, President at Advocate Aurora Health and I unpack what this means and how they are addressing on the southside of Chicago.

We discuss:

  • Experiencing and responding to the pandemic at Advocate Aurora Health
  • Awareness and protection of mental health among team members
  • The impact of George Floyd’s death on healthcare teams
  • Accommodating and embracing difficult conversations
  • Why underserved and black communities are at greater risk of succumbing to COVID-19
  • Pros and cons of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout

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