Episode 68: The Mental Health Paradigm: Balancing Business and Passion

70% of medical professionals wouldn’t recommend the profession to others — a glaring red flag that’s the result of a broken system where health practitioners can’t serve patients in a way they like.

Dr. Kristin Jacob, Medical Director, Office of Physician and APP Fulfillment at Corewell Health West has dedicated her career to switching the narrative and rebuilding healthcare culture so that professionals and patients alike can embrace the full benefit of top-notch care provided by physically and mentally resilient practitioners — something only possible with a resounding culture of wellness.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Balancing passion and business acumen for sustainable, successful healthcare
  • Actionable steps for cultivating a culture of wellness
  • Empowering healthcare professionals with an attainable holistic approach

Episode 67: AI Innovation, Shaping Tomorrow’s Healthcare

In the face of a global pandemic, people fought and won the battle. Their weapon of choice to go faster and be better? Data and artificial intelligence. 

Tom Lawry, Former National Director for Artificial Intelligence of Health and Life Sciences at Microsoft and author of Hacking Healthcare joins us to discuss what the healthcare industry learned from the pandemic and how those lessons can translate into a better, more efficient future of the industry. Where current efforts are somewhat stalled — the opioid crisis, chronic disease, cancer — AI and tech can be leveraged for innovation and rapid progress.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The power of cross-disciplinary  insights in fueling innovative problem-solving
  • Embracing AI to drive efficient patient care, reduce misdiagnoses and empower clinicians
  • Taking the wheel in AI’s chaotic innovation to pave the way for a better healthcare future

Episode 66: Rising Strong: Recovery from Personal and Professional Challenges

Healthcare workers are suffering in silence from burnout and poor mental health. 

Dr. Olivia Ong, speaks to us about overcoming a life-changing car accident and struggling with the stresses of being a physician. Healthcare is undeniably a field that requires its workers to be strong, both physically and mentally. Yet, countless employees are suffering from burnout because of the stigmas around seeking help or appearing weak. This leads to even larger mental health problems over time. Founder and Director of The Heart-Centered Method Institute Pty Ltd aims to change that narrative. By offering support and raising awareness, her work towards stopping the stigma is changing the lives of healthcare workers (and their patients, too). 

Join us as we discuss: 

  • Stigmas surrounding addressing mental health and burnout in healthcare
  • Stopping the stigma: resilience is not a fixed attribute 
  • Building awareness, support systems and promoting self-compassion

Episode 65: Inside the White House: Shaping National Public Health

There are only a handful of people in the world who get the opportunity to work directly with the country’s leaders to influence the public health of the United States. The insights and experiences gained by these industry leaders are invaluable.

Returning to the podcast, Sandra Elizabeth Ford, Former Special Assistant to the President for Public Health and Science at The White House, joins to discuss her experiences in her role in the capital. Her work to support communities and frontline healthcare during the pandemic has been astronomical. By addressing the need for quality local health clinics and supporting them throughout the pandemic, Dr. Ford is working to ensure top-tier healthcare for all. 

Join us as we discuss: 

  • Addressing local public health experiences to effectively manage crises
  • The White House’s action plan and the importance of collaboration and flexibility
  • Engaging with frontline healthcare workers to build effective strategies

Episode 64: Empowering Women’s Healthcare

One in three women experiences abnormal uterine bleeding and pain. What’s worse — it’s normalized. Symptoms leave women struggling in silence, options limited to ineffective hormonal therapies, expensive and invasive surgeries or continual suffering. 

Keren Leshem, Chief Executive Officer at OCON has set out to make a change in women’s health. The development and launch of innovative products like the IntraUterine Ball (IUB) embrace modern science and offer non-invasive, affordable alternative solutions to women worldwide. But these developments don’t come quickly — they take the investment of time, resources and dedication from professionals around the world, with women like Keren leading the way.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Advancements in women’s health, and significantly improved outcomes
  • Tailoring healthcare solutions to meet specific needs by increasing diversity, inclusion and accessibility in clinical trials
  • Bringing awareness to women’s debilitating health issues that have historically been dismissed

Episode 63: Closing the Gap: Breaking the Cycle: Tackling Poverty and Healthcare Equity Globally

Poverty and healthcare are deeply intertwined in Brazil, creating a vicious cycle of hospitalization, rehospitalization, and poor health outcomes. Without intentional intervention and innovative solutions that reach beyond the hospital setting, overall well-being will never improve.

Dr. Vera Cordeiro, Founder and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Dara Institute is on a mission to spearhead the social change on a global scale necessary to enable equitable access to healthcare using perhaps the most powerful tool available: data.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Interconnectedness of poverty and healthcare (and how we can change both)
  • Social entrepreneurship for health equity
  • How data-driven decision-making vastly improves health outcomes

Episode 62: Closing the Gap: Addressing Gender Disparities in Medicine

56% of women get turned away from emergency rooms when presenting with symptoms of an active heart attack. Across 700 different diseases, women get diagnosed later than men. These are just a few detrimental results of the existing gender gap in healthcare.

In this episode of Heroes of Healthcare, we speak with Valentina Milanova, Founder and CPO of Daye about the groundbreaking ways Daye has been ramping up the innovation in women’s healthcare that has been sorely lacking for far too long.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Addressing gender bias and advocating for women’s health
  • Innovation for improved gynecological diagnosis and treatment
  • Empowering patients with data-driven decision making

Episode 61: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Passion Driven Innovation

The passion that drives any real innovation is the passion to do something better.

When Dr. Toby Hamilton began his journey in medicine he noticed a disconnect in emergency care — by the time he saw a patient they were already upset with him. Instead of digging into treatment, staff had to focus on regaining patient trust. These inefficiencies and frustrations led Dr. Hamilton and several partners to develop their own systems and open a hospital with a promise to improve patient care and medical professional experience. Founder and Executive Director of Healthcare Innovators Professional Society (HIPS) and Board Member at Emerus Holdings, Inc, Dr. Hamilton joins us to share his journey.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare to drive positive change
  • Overcoming myriad challenges in scaling with resilience and determination
  • Collaboration and relationships as vital in accelerating positive change

Episode 60: Breaking Boundaries in Healthcare with Diversity and Compassion

We are ready to revolutionize healthcare — and the system needs it.

Through cultural changes and diversity, we can create an atmosphere for compassionate care that leads to improved mental health of providers and decreased provider burnout. Today we speak with Dr. Dhaval Desai, Director of Hospital Medicine, Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta, Inc about how we can lead the driving change to shape the future of healthcare for patients and professionals.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Diversity and Culture Changes as a force to improve patient care
  • Prioritizing compassionate care for improved experience for providers and patients
  • Provider well-being at the center of healthcare efficacy

Episode 59: Revolutionizing Radiology with AI, but with Ethics in Mind

Radiology is one of the most technologically innovative medical specialties — it is in a constant state of change and evolution. As AI blazes through industries, upending how things are done and understood, radiology is not immune to AI’s sweeping impact.

But, as our guest Dr. Nina Kottler, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Clinical AI at Radiology Partners, explains — radiology is utilizing AI in ethical ways to improve treatment, efficiency, patient outcomes and experience. But while AI will help revolutionize radiology, and arguably, the entire medical field, fear not — the need for humans will not dissipate any time soon.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The constantly evolving field of radiology
  • The benefits and ethical challenges of utilizing AI in radiology
  • Prerequisites for effective, ethical AI application in medicine