Episode 54: Litigating the War Against OxyContin Exploitation

This is the first episode in a special three-part series on OxyContin and the opioid crisis. The next episode will be live on 4/11/23.

At some point, the opioid epidemic has touched nearly everyone’s life in this country. That makes it one of the few issues that cut across every demographic and political line.

The people want the corporations held responsible for their part in the epidemic, but that’s no easy task when it means taking on some of the world’s most powerful corporations.

Today’s guest not only had the courage to take on these companies, but managed to successfully litigate against them in a true David & Goliath for our time. Jayne Conroy, Experienced Litigator and Shareholder at Simmons Hanly Conroy, joins the show to share what goes into getting justice for the many victims of OxyContin and the opioid epidemic.

We discuss:

  • Jayne’s background and how it led her to her role in litigating on behalf of OxyContin victims
  • The nuances of such a large litigation
  • Issues in the drug approval process that contributed to OxyContin’s infamous role in the opioid epidemic
  • The outcome of the case and what it means for future litigation

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