Episode 61: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Passion Driven Innovation

The passion that drives any real innovation is the passion to do something better.

When Dr. Toby Hamilton began his journey in medicine he noticed a disconnect in emergency care — by the time he saw a patient they were already upset with him. Instead of digging into treatment, staff had to focus on regaining patient trust. These inefficiencies and frustrations led Dr. Hamilton and several partners to develop their own systems and open a hospital with a promise to improve patient care and medical professional experience. Founder and Executive Director of Healthcare Innovators Professional Society (HIPS) and Board Member at Emerus Holdings, Inc, Dr. Hamilton joins us to share his journey.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare to drive positive change
  • Overcoming myriad challenges in scaling with resilience and determination
  • Collaboration and relationships as vital in accelerating positive change

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