Episode 64: Empowering Women’s Healthcare

One in three women experiences abnormal uterine bleeding and pain. What’s worse — it’s normalized. Symptoms leave women struggling in silence, options limited to ineffective hormonal therapies, expensive and invasive surgeries or continual suffering. 

Keren Leshem, Chief Executive Officer at OCON has set out to make a change in women’s health. The development and launch of innovative products like the IntraUterine Ball (IUB) embrace modern science and offer non-invasive, affordable alternative solutions to women worldwide. But these developments don’t come quickly — they take the investment of time, resources and dedication from professionals around the world, with women like Keren leading the way.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Advancements in women’s health, and significantly improved outcomes
  • Tailoring healthcare solutions to meet specific needs by increasing diversity, inclusion and accessibility in clinical trials
  • Bringing awareness to women’s debilitating health issues that have historically been dismissed

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