Episode 66: Rising Strong: Recovery from Personal and Professional Challenges

Healthcare workers are suffering in silence from burnout and poor mental health. 

Dr. Olivia Ong, speaks to us about overcoming a life-changing car accident and struggling with the stresses of being a physician. Healthcare is undeniably a field that requires its workers to be strong, both physically and mentally. Yet, countless employees are suffering from burnout because of the stigmas around seeking help or appearing weak. This leads to even larger mental health problems over time. Founder and Director of The Heart-Centered Method Institute Pty Ltd aims to change that narrative. By offering support and raising awareness, her work towards stopping the stigma is changing the lives of healthcare workers (and their patients, too). 

Join us as we discuss: 

  • Stigmas surrounding addressing mental health and burnout in healthcare
  • Stopping the stigma: resilience is not a fixed attribute 
  • Building awareness, support systems and promoting self-compassion

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