Episode 67: AI Innovation, Shaping Tomorrow’s Healthcare

In the face of a global pandemic, people fought and won the battle. Their weapon of choice to go faster and be better? Data and artificial intelligence. 

Tom Lawry, Former National Director for Artificial Intelligence of Health and Life Sciences at Microsoft and author of Hacking Healthcare joins us to discuss what the healthcare industry learned from the pandemic and how those lessons can translate into a better, more efficient future of the industry. Where current efforts are somewhat stalled — the opioid crisis, chronic disease, cancer — AI and tech can be leveraged for innovation and rapid progress.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The power of cross-disciplinary  insights in fueling innovative problem-solving
  • Embracing AI to drive efficient patient care, reduce misdiagnoses and empower clinicians
  • Taking the wheel in AI’s chaotic innovation to pave the way for a better healthcare future

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