Episode 69: Amazing Innovation in Treating Cancer: 3D Printing Innovations

Cancer comes in many forms, each requiring a specific treatment approach. In addition, based on a patient’s genetics, cancer can be difficult to eliminate with concerns such as treatment ineffectiveness and negative immune responses. Another major challenge: many patients are on borrowed time, limiting the options for various treatments.

Ishani Malhotra, Chief Executive Officer at Carcinotech Ltd. plays a role in an innovative solution. By 3D printing tumors using a single patient biopsy, the team can account for cancer cell makeup, genetics, and patient-specific immune responses in a matter of days. Shifting treatment testing from humans to these accurate tumor prints eliminates many negative effects for patients and vastly cuts effective treatment selection time. 

Join us as we discuss:

  • Innovations in cancer treatment, research, and drug development with 3D printing
  • Reducing failure rates with rapid and precise drug testing platforms for personalized treatment
  • Why growth in personalized medicine testing, clinical trials, and collaborations will require consistent, automated, and high-quality reporting

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