Episode 70: AI Innovations for High-Touch Patient Care

When patients receive a life-changing diagnosis, they can feel as if there is nowhere to turn for quality, timely answers to their questions and concerns. At the same time, providers are spending more of their day charting information and handling back-of-office tasks than they are spending caring for patients — leading to burnout. 

Manav Savek, CEO of Memora Health, is here to offer a solution. Memora’s ability to automate tedious back-of-office tasks allows a new sense of freedom for providers to focus on patient care and well-being. By utilizing emerging technologies, communications are streamlined, meaning providers are able to quickly address top-priority patient communication without the added noise. 

Join us as we discuss: 

  • The importance of patient-centric care for both patients and providers
  • Modernization in healthcare: cutting through the confusion and providing the best care
  • The revolutionizing potential of utilizing AI in healthcare

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