Episode 71: Bridging the Gap: IMLC’s Quest for Healthcare Accessibility

These days we certainly don’t think much about meeting with a doctor or nurse practitioner online if we don’t need to see them in-person. But if you live in a rural area the recent advancements in telemedicine and healthcare access are life-saving.

This new unprecedented access to doctors, not just remotely but across state lines, is due to the  Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC). This initiative has had a transformative impact on healthcare access, telemedicine, patient care and for those working as and with locum tenens.

In this episode  Marschall Smith, Executive Director at Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission (IMLC), light on the evolution of the IMLC role in expanding telemedicine, addressing the healthcare access gaps in rural areas, and offers insights into the ongoing efforts to get more states on board with this groundbreaking initiative.

Join us as Ted and Marschall discuss:

  • The historical background of the IMLC, its formation, and the key role it plays in simplifying the medical licensure process.
  • The vital connection between the IMLC and the growth of telemedicine, especially in underserved areas.
  • The challenges and opportunities on the road to achieving a nationwide program, with the potential to revolutionize healthcare accessibility and quality across the US.

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