Episode 72: Wellness Beyond Walls: Navigating Healthcare’s Future

Ever wonder just how much alternative medical models could revolutionize healthcare? The ability to  provide better care at lower costs is a tangible reality that the industry might want to start paying more attention to.

Healthcare expert Dr. Jack Cappitelli, Chief Medical Officer NJ Region Summit Health, discusses his experience with alternative medical models and the transformative impact of empathetic leadership during the COVID-19 era. He discusses how new models can help modernize a multitude of major issues, from cost-effective multi-specialty practices to the challenges of rapid expansion and physician burnout.

Join us as Dr. Cappitelli and Ted discuss:

  • The potential of alternative medical models to offer better care at lower costs.
  • Strategies for healthcare growth, including data analytics, primary care focus, and the importance of empathetic leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Navigating healthcare delivery systems, addressing provider well-being, and the role of technology in shaping a patient-centered care approach.

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